Non woven items

Disposable Underwear

  • Model:nonwoven underwear
  • Specifications:bulk package or individually packed
  • Packing:white colors

Product Details

Foshan Guide Nonwoven Co. Ltd. is an ultra-light disposable underwear created for traveling and disposable medical. 

Designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience. 

Guide Nonwoven disposable underwear is made of different materials: 100% polypropylene spunbonded nonwvoen(PPSB),SMS(spunbonded + meltblown + spunbonded) nonwoven,elastic nonwoven and spunlaced nonwoven. 

And ideally packaged for maximum space efficiency. 

Each package contains seven compact pairs of individually wrapped disposable underwear.

Disposable underwear is suitable for traveling,camping,exercising,dorm life,hospital stays,emergencies,spa massage.

It is soft, breathable,  biodegradable and practical.