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[ 2018-12-29 ] How to carry out construction of non woven wallpaper?

Author : Guide Nonwoven     
Non woven fabrics are mainly cotton and linen, and no textiles are used. Non woven wallpaper has the characteristics of breathable, moisture proof, light weight, easy to decompose, non toxic, non irritating, flexible, recyclable and colorful.  So how do you paste non woven wallpapers?  How to construct them?

The following explains the construction requirements of non woven wallpaper:

Non woven wallpaper is similar to wallpaper, and you need to use wallpaper glue.  Accessories such as wallpaper glue, base film, scraping paper, wallpaper knife, etc.  are easily available in the local building materials market.  Generally, workers who post wallpapers will post stickers, and the working hours are not expensive.  According to the local market, they usually vary from 5 to 15 yuan per square meter.  If you have strong hands on ability, you can try it yourself and experience the fun of DIY. 

(1)  Measurement

First of all, pay attention to the wall can not meet the construction requirements, such as problems in time to rectify; according to the wall structure to measure the length of the wall covering, pay attention to the height of the wall. And the one to one correspondence between the room pattern and the measured length to prevent the wrong person.

(2)  Optimistic styling of the whole room before the construction of the wall, special attention should be paid to the key parts to know the results.

(3)  The next step is to mix the powder into water, stir it into a paste (no solid powder), then enter the mortar, mix and adjust to a thin thickness (concentration according to the wall cover thickness), and evenly brush the wall.

(4)  Two wall tiles are hung on the wall: the room is more concealed as the starting point, from left to right, one is evenly positioned with special tools (controlling the airtightness of the fabric, which is related to the negative angle, Made beautifully, one is taken underneath, according to the positioning speed of the wall cloth, the whole room is seamlessly stitched).

(5)  To cut the position of the window, door, switch, and air conditioner, you must consider the cutting in advance, and you cannot cut the knife.

(6)  The yin and yang angles must be beautiful: first make the negative angle, the left large scraper bears the negative angle of the position, and use the right hand scraper to scrape the bottom. The sun is pressed in the corner with a special iron to make the corner.

(7)  There is a large blade with uniform pressure on the surface, and the last step is the glass glue on the side.

(8)  After the completion of the project, it must be inspected.  If there are air bubbles or drums, re compact with an iron to ensure the construction quality.

(9)  Comprehensive construction.

Maintenance of non woven wallpaper

(1)  Within one month of construction, the indoor temperature difference should not be too large.

(2)  Daily cleaning (can be washed wallpaper), scrub with a sponge dampened detergent.  Dirty with an eraser, pvc, etc., gently wipe with a damp towel.  Share from the double home wallpaper.

(3)  If the non woven wallpaper is curled, it can be treated with a wallpaper glue brush at the curled edge.

(4)  The wallpaper is foamed, and the glue can be injected into the syringe, then gently pressed down, and finally the excess glue can be wiped off.

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