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[ 2018-12-20 ] How to use the fluorescence method to distinguish non-woven fabrics?

Author : Guide Nonwoven     
Fluorescence, also known as "fluorescence," refers to a phenomenon of photoluminescence.  When a certain temperature substance is irradiated with incident light of a certain 

wavelength (usually ultraviolet or X-ray), it absorbs light energy and enters an excited state, and immediately retreats and emits light longer than the wavelength of the incident 

light (usually at a wavelength In the visible light range, and once the incident light is stopped, the luminescence phenomenon disappears immediately.  The outgoing light having this 

property is called fluorescence. In daily life, people generally refer to all kinds of faint light as fluorescence in a broad sense, without carefully examining and distinguishing the 

principle of illumination. Fluorescence has a wide range of applications in the fields of biochemistry and medicine. One can chemically react a fluorescent chemical group to a 

biomacromolecule and then sensitively detect these biomacromolecules by observing the fluorescence emitted by the tracer group.
Let's look at how to use the fluorescence method to distinguish non-woven fabrics:
Fluorescence method:
The non-woven fabric fibers are irradiated with an ultraviolet fluorescent lamp, and the non-woven fabric fibers are distinguished according to the different properties of the non-

woven fabric fibers, and the non-woven fibers have different fluorescent colors. The fluorescent color of various non-woven fabrics is specifically shown:

(1)  cotton, wool fiber: light yellow.

(2)  Mercerized cotton fiber: light red.
(3)  jute (raw) fiber: purple brown.
(4)  jute, silk, nylon fiber: light blue.
(5)  viscose fiber: white purple shadow.
(6)  light viscose fiber: light yellow purple shadow.
(7)  polyester fiber: white light blue sky is very bright.
(8)  vinylon has light fiber: light yellow purple shadow.

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